System Fluid


System Fluid s.r.l. was established in 2001 in order to offer the following to its customers:

- Manufacture of hydraulic, pneumatic and lubrication systems
- Systems installed on the machine
- Prefabrication of tubes and pipes at our workshop
- Complete installations all over the world


economic competitiveness


The highly trained staff include technical installers, pipe fitters, welders, fitters and transfer workers.



In 2016, the expansion of activities led to the transfer of the administrative office from Casazza (BG), currently used as a workshop and warehouse, to the new more modern and welcoming office based in Costa Volpino (BG) housing:


Administrative and executive offices;


A training room inside which courses and meetings of various kinds are held with customers and their staff, thus offering days of training and comparison for constant growth over time;


An industrial oil analysis laboratory;


A workshop to carry out the processes that require maximum cleaning such as oil filtration and component cleaning;

Our mission


The mission of System Fluid s.r.l. is to manufacture hydraulic systems with the most innovative technologies on the market with quality and passion, thus continuously investing in training, research and development.

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